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    February 26 #Thepursuit
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    Phoenicia Hotel Beirut
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    “Cupid was Here” by Antoine Eid.

    Interested in partaking in our Phoenicia Hotel Art Photo competition? For more information, go to www.p-h-a-p.com.
    Phoenicia Hotel Beirut
  • Just checked in to the Ambassador Suite.

    Book yours now on reservation@phoeniciabeirut.com or call 01369110.
    Comments Issam Halabi Jamie Yacoub That bed looks enormous! Phoenicia Hotel Beirut
  • Makesense
    It was our pleasure to have hosted MakeSense's conference about 'Resilient Cities' and having our General Manager Dagmar Symes share our history and culture with the great crowd! Comments Thanks for sharing ♥️♥️ Phoenicia Beirut hosted our MakeSense Lebanon Hotspot conference with so much generosity, comfort, luxury, and reliability. You are the best ... A very inspiring speech by the General Manager and a productive conference as well
    Way to go 👍🏻😘
    Phoenicia Hotel Beirut
  • Indulge in a tempting culinary experience with our romantic buffet this Valentine's at Mosaic Restaurant on Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 of February.

    Book now 01357040.
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