Beyond organic: ila explores the dynamics of natural healing at SPA Phoenicia

Beyond organic: ila explores the dynamics of natural healing at SPA Phoenicia

A serene experience and the power of nature revealed… this was the invitation offered to guests of SPA Phoenicia at an exclusive event held on Thursday December 6th, 2018.

ila is known for its range of natural skincare and spa treatments founded in Great Britain by Denise Leicester, who has spent a lifetime exploring the dynamics of natural healing. ila’s philosophy is encapsulated in its maxim: ‘beyond organic’, and it is only by uniting the utmost ethical integrity with the purest natural ingredients, that ila is able to create products with the power to reach beyond the physical, to nourish emotional and spiritual wellbeing too.

Amid the luxurious haven of SPA Phoenicia, the ila evening began with a sound healing yoga session, a soothing ritual designed to enhance wellbeing. Guests later witnessed a live demonstration by ila experts enthralling them with their personal philosophy on the power of the natural world and ila’s signature rituals, therapies and treatments for healing and vitality. After an insightful exploration of the world of ila, a cocktail reception was enjoyed by all.

SPA Phoenicia is the only spa in Beirut to offer ila’s exceptional range of skin care products and facial treatments adding to the SPA’s outstanding repertoire of the finest treatments from around the world.

For further inquiries and reservations, please email or call 01357030.

In the soaring architecture of Phoenicia Hotel lies the entrance to another world, a place where every sensation summons you to unwind. Amidst a décor blending the neo-classical with striking contemporary flourishes, SPA Phoenicia invites you to experience treatments tailored to you, from holistic massages to healing therapies and beauty services. Immerse yourself in SPA Phoenicia, a place where it is all about you.

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