Phoenicia Hotel dares to thrill with new Parkour Package

Phoenicia Hotel dares to thrill with new Parkour Package

In collaboration with Red Bull champion Dimitris Kyrsanidis
At 60 years of age, Beirut’s Grande Dame the Phoenicia Hotel is younger than ever. The proof, an exciting new Parkour Package launched in collaboration with Red Bull and leading parkour athlete Dimitris Kyrsanidis.

Phoenicia Hotel has spent decades at the top of its game as a playground for luxury and elegance. Located in the heart of Beirut and bordered by an alluring bay, Phoenicia Hotel’s vitality and zest for life has universal appeal welcoming guests of all ages for business and leisure. In 2018, Phoenicia Hotel invites you to discover a new twist on its playground; are you ready to parkour?

With the Parkour Package, you’ll embark on an urban adventure that shows you Beirut from a different perspective, in collaboration with the world’s leading parkour athlete and Red Bull Art of Motion champion Dimitris Kyrsanidis. Starting from your City View room, overlooking the Holiday Inn a symbol of the country’s war-torn past and its renowned resilience, you shall experience a different Beirut than seen in glossy magazines. Through an exclusive tour of the city, you’ll experience amazing sensations, tastes and landscapes all while enjoying a stay at one of Beirut’s true landmarks, a monumental masterpiece celebrating its 60 years of existence.

Planning to explore Beirut with a unique edge?

Try our new package specially created for YOU!

295$ of pure fun and excitement including a city view room + breakfast, a guided city tour within the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Beirut, access to our outdoor pool and Spa and pick up and drop off from Rafic Hariri International Airport.
For further information, please call +961 (0)1 369110 or email

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