Phoenicia Hotel shakes up its image with Transitions

Phoenicia Hotel Beirut shakes up its image with its new innovative campaign Transitions

June 11, Beirut – After the remarkable success of Phoenicia Parkour in 2018, Phoenicia Hotel is set to captivate audiences once again by launching Transitions, its most recent film, featuring up-and-coming artists dancing their way through the hotel.

To enter Phoenicia is to transition from the bustle of the city to an oasis; a place where, from day to night, from floor to floor and from calm to dynamic, the mood is ever-changing. From casual to chic, from traditional to contemporary, and from composed to eccentric, Transitions conveys the fluctuations in mood that surround each and every one of us. The film explores the endless possibilities of change that one can experience in the Phoenicia space, whether a variant in emotions or state of mind.

A film by Charbel Bouez, Transitions features two internationally renowned Lebanese dancers, Yousra Mohsen and Anthony Nakhle. Bouez selected the two talented dancers based on their abilities and the energy they both bring to demonstrate the transitions within the Phoenicia. The story follows them as they dance passionately throughout the hotel. The cutting-edge scene-transitions and choreography created by Charbel and Anthony embody the evolution from traditional to daring, breaking codes and transcending stereotypes.

“In my second film for the Phoenicia, we pushed the limits to another level with a much more dynamic approach. This was one of the most challenging projects for me. I’m proud to have achieved these transitions from scene to scene that created the structure of this project.” commented Charbel Bouez.

“I was thrilled when I got called in for this production and took the first flight from New York,” said Anthony Nakhle. “This is such a grand landmark hotel that I was so excited to explore the various spaces, from the iconic stairs, the stunning Presidential suite and the historical lobby, and to create a choreography to transition from scene to scene, space to space.”

“This is a truly unique film that Phoenicia Hotel is producing to promote young talents and art. Coming from the iconic hotel in Lebanon that has been around for 60 years, this is a video that speaks to everyone – young or old, artists, performers or anyone looking for a change,” said Yousra Mohsen.


Yousra was born and raised in Beirut and went to Paris to pursue her dream and become a professional dancer. She thus enrolled in the Academie Internationale de la Danse and received the diploma of Examen d’Aptitude Technique in Jazz dance. In 2018, Yousra joined the famous Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris and had the chance to work alongside renowned choreographers such as Kamel Ouali, Kevin Vives and Hakim Ghorab.


Anthony is a 22-year old Lebanese dancer and choreographer, one of the most gifted of his generation. His talent brought him to Las Vegas where he held the main male role dancing in heels for Cirque du Soleil. Anthony also assisted the world’s best known heels choreographer Yanis Marshall which led to tours in Taiwan, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and most recently Australia. Anthony is currently leading master classes and workshops in dance studios across the world.

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